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What is the difference between a channel and a group in Telegram

Starting to use the messenger, it is not always easy to figure out how the channel differs from the Telegram group with nod32 keys, whether there is a fundamental difference. There are differences – there are many of them! We will talk in detail about the two types of communities and try to understand why they are needed, what benefits can be derived.

Difference in concepts

Let’s start with the main difference – the difference between the group and the channel in the Telegram will immediately seem obvious to you, if you dwell a little on clarifying the concepts. So that you don’t get confused!

The first is more likely a community or chat. It is intended for user communication, conversations are conducted here, you can exchange data, files, create polls and much more. This is exactly a conversation – like a normal one-on-one dialogue, but many people participate in it.
This is the difference between a group and a Telegram channel. The second is an analogue of a public on social networks. Information is published here, which can be different. The feed is filled with posts – entertaining, educational, selling, news, analytical … The list goes on for a long time.
So it is much easier to figure out how the group differs from the channel in the Telegram, if you imagine them as chat and public. One is for correspondence, the other is for viewing.

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