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When is the best time to post on Telegram

Choosing the right posting time for a post and dubai satta king is the main task in any social network. It seems to me that this does not matter for Telegram and there are several reasons for this:

Your followers are in different time zones. Want to post at 3am? You are welcome.
Some subscribers have their notifications muted for your channel.
Subscribers already have a whole bunch of channels.
One simple conclusion can be drawn from these three points. Telegram is like an RSS feed. Your post will be read when it is convenient for the subscriber. Therefore, do not publish too much information in a day. No one will read a “sheet” of 10,500 posts. Which I personally don’t do. And at the moment I’m thinking about solving the problem – so that the feed is updated often, but subscribers do not suffer from the number of posts.

The majority of Russian-speaking Telegram users are Moscow and St. Petersburg. Therefore, if you want to choose the most optimal time, then choose Moscow.

There is another trick. Posts can be sent without notifying users. To do this, just switch the “bell” icon and the message will go to the channel without notifications.

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